Also, this movie is neither a comedy nor a musical

I had the past Saturday afternoon all to myself. This is a rarity, so I decided to snuggle up in bed with an iced coffee by my side and a Saturday afternoon movie in front of me. The trailer for…

Why didn’t Amy Sherman-Palladino ask for my input?

Disclaimer: I know I’m posting this about two and a half years too late but I’m still upset about it.

This CW classic from the early aughts has a loyal, devoted fan base that was reignited and expanded upon the show streaming…

The world really would be my oyster… whatever that means.

5:00 am: Wake up without hitting the snooze button; take a moment to enjoy hearing the birds chirping.

5:05 am: Put on some cute, fair-trade yoga clothes. Master a headstand.

5:30 am: Make a breakfast recipe that’s been on my “Whole 30” Pinterest board for three years. Spontaneously add nutmeg…

Ashley Ingle

Writer, reader, teacher, laugher, cynic

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